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Mould Control

We specialise in the supply and installation of high-quality ventilation equipment: Passive Vapour Vent & Auto Concure 20/20.

Passive Vapour Vent

The ‘Passive’ vent provides an opening on a section of wall normal to the airflow direction with an effective area well in excess of the minimum requirement.

Airflow through the opening is controlled automatically by the intervening mineral wool slab and thereby avoids undue draughts.

It is important to realise that the release of moisture vapour pressure within a dwelling to avoid condensation does not require a specific ventilation rate.

The moisture vapour pressure within a dwelling is always higher than the outside pressure therefore there will always be an escape of moisture vapour by the diffusion process through the Passive vent

  • Transparent to water vapour
  • No moving parts
  • Works passively 24 hours a day
  • Makes no noise
  • Can be installed in around 1 hour
  • Passive dehumidifier
  • Special cowl design
  • Affordable one off cost
  • Reduces draughty airflow and heat loss
  • No running costs
  • Works at peak condensation times
  • No night time disturbance
  • Low installation costs
  • 20% more efficient than conventional cowl/grill
  • Variety of sizes

Auto Concure 20/20

Costing as little as three pence per day to operate, Auto ConCure 20/20 ‘Positive Input Ventilation’ unit provides a constant stream of warm, fresh, filtered air that raises the Dew Point, ventilates the home and offers a highly effective solution to damp problems caused by condensation.

Quickly and easily fitted with some simple electrical work, the Auto ConCure 20/20 circulates naturally warm, filtered air around the home, mixing up with the warm air near ceilings to raise the ‘Dew Point’, substantially reducing the risk of condensation.

In cold weather when the air temperature drops below 10oC the Auto ConCure 20/20 unit automatically uses a cost-effective pulse heating system to warm the incoming air. This avoids the necessity of some PIV units being turned off when most needed to avoid chilly draughts around the home

Benefits and features

  • Variable speeds include boost speeds for after remedial works
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Near silent running
  • Unobtrusive
  • Heater enabler
  • Helps displace radon gas